Jeremy Enigk

If you’ve been following my blog then you may have noticed that I’ve never put up a post about a CD. I’ve never done a review of a CD. Honestly, There aren’t many that inspire me to click to a post to write about one…until today. I just got the CD World Waits by Jeremy Enigk and I have to say…it’s really amazing. So textured and layered and diverse in sound. There are times that the music takes a turn that you don’t see coming, but it just works. Jeremy Enigk was the front man for a band called Sunny Day Real Estate and in the mid 90’s left the band due to him choosing to follow Jesus (which I learned after I listened to the CD the first time). He then put out his first solo CD in the 96′ called Return of the Frog Queen…he hasn’t put out one until this one that just released. It was worth the wait…

The opening track ‘A New Beginning’ has no words yet is one of the more powerful songs I’ve heard…at only 1:27 in length that is saying something…it has the power of Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins but with a bit of the Metallica S&M album with it…the rest of the album is full the same…(honestly there are a few lulls, but the highs far far outweigh them).

The album is built around ambient sounds and unique melodies and the heavy layering I mentioned earlier. Here are the different bands that have crossed my mind while the album has played: Sting, Metalllica, Michael W. Smith (yes…MWS…for spiritual power reasons), Richard Ashcroft, POD (guitars), Deathcab for Cutie (due to driving guitar picking at times and clever melodies), Jimmy Eat World, Depeche Mode (yes)…that’s all I have to say about for now…I’m on my second time listening to it already this morning…enjoy

Here’s his myspace page: Jeremy Enigk Myspace Page
Official Page: here

The Practice Room

To the right of my post you’ll see a photo album that shares the same name as this post. This is the place that our band has been rehearsing…I don’t know if it even has a name.

This is one of those places where if a band were to get famous VH1 would send a crew here to shoot where they got started…How they came from the bottom up…Because I assure this is the bottom. ‘How do I know this?’ you ask? Let’s start with the fact that the owner does the schedule in a spiral notebook that he has to find every time we need to schedule our next appointment. There was a cockroach on the rim of the toilette when Matt went to use it. I don’t think there is a mic stand in the entire facility of 8 or so rooms that isn’t held together with tape…that goes for the drumsets too.

This is the type of place that singlehandedly could make a band quit playing. It’s that bad. The rooms are small and they proudly boast about six or seven ash trays in the rooms, despite the numerous non-fumer signs all over the walls.

Behind the doors of each room leads the way to humble beginnings…which I guess is a where a worship band should always be…that’s why this place feels so much like home for our band.