Movember 2010 Begins

I’m participating in Movember this year. Basically, a group of guys thought it would be a good idea to grow mustaches all of November to raise awareness for men’s health issues. You can read about it on the website:

When I was in high school my grandfather died of prostate cancer. It’s ‘funny’ how it seems to be a bigger issue when a woman has a mom who’s had breast cancer…maybe it’s because guys don’t talk about sickness a lot because it would make us seem weaker or something lame like that. But if you think about it, shouldn’t I be just as concerned? Or at least aware?

Thus Movember…increasing awareness.

I’m a bit afraid to see what type of heinous mustache I have 31 days from now. Having very little hair up top will make my mustache a bit more prominent…we’ll see. But I’m going to take a picture at least every couple of days so you can track my upper lip hair’s growth.

My first picture is from the night of the 31st…just to get one last clean shave in.

And here’s a video just to further educate on Movember…

Oakland Corners

My brother posted this on facebook and I liked it so much that I watched it twice…I love the dancing, but there is just something else about it that I like. It might be the art of all, might be the fact that these guys are talented and just doing what they do because they love it. It might be the fact that they found something fun to do on a rainy day in Oakland…I don’t know. But they are good and it made me with I could do something other than my infamous booty dance…

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