Tweets from 2010-08-20

  • The kingdom of God as a means to an end via @andrewperriman #
  • Words and phrases are not watertight semantic containers; they leak meaning and need constantly to be refilled by context (@andrewperriman) #
  • Was able to sleep until 6:40 this morning. Good start for me #
  • @jeffwatkin have a good trip man! Hope you had a good time in Madrid. See you soon in reply to jeffwatkin #
  • Head is starting to spin from exhaustion…water then sleep #
  • @jeffwatkin you need to come home so we can do the party at your house! See you soon in reply to jeffwatkin #
  • Made it to Orange County! Let reverse culture shock and jet lag begin! #

Tweets from 2010-08-18

  • heading to bed well before midnight to get up early for our traveling tomorrow. #
  • @ryanborben we get tomorrow night and leave sept 23, but we'll be in Sac from 7ish to 20ish. Don't know how we're getting there yet though in reply to ryanborben #
  • @jeffwatkin thanks for the gift of friendship and toothpaste #
  • does anyone in LA or Sacramento have a car we could borrow? We can discuss the details if you have something. Thanks! #
  • Pizza Paco una vez mas before heading to US mañana. I'm going to miss BCN while we're gone: friends and city, not the pizza, well pizza too #
  • Getting paperwork and packing done for our trip. This is really tapping into my strategic side. #
  • @rogierbos thanks Ro! Glad to get another step done today. in reply to rogierbos #
  • Third time's a charm…got Cutler's paperwork turned in today! Thanks for remembering us. #
  • listening to #mumfordandsons while packing…great album. Thanks for the recommendation @jeffwatkin #
  • Today we're doing residency work, saying 'later' to the Watkin's, cleaning, and packing. Should be fun! #
  • I'm heading out at 7:45 in the morning for Cutler's residency appointment 3 of ?. Hopefully 3rd time's a charm #

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  • Trip 2 of ? was only mildly successful in that we found out that only 40 applicants are allowed each day. I'm off again mañana! #
  • off to attempt 2 of ? to do Cutler's residency…hope the computers are working this time! #