No no…I like this smell

(the long awaited return of me writing about Babies (now kids) and Spirituality)

Cutler needs his diaper changed every morning. I guess his bowels are on a schedule, 9 times out of 10 he’s dropped a bomb in the morning. And 10 times out of 10 he doesn’t want me to change his diaper. When I get out the tools to get the job done he runs away like I’m chasing him with a pair of hedge trimmers and a crazy laugh.

I really don’t get it. He smells. It could give him a rash. And he doesn’t want it to go away. Even when I do catch him, he wiggles and doesn’t make it an easy job. It’s like he’s saying,

“No no…I like this smell. I’m not really ready to let it go and I’d rather just live in it than be clean.”

I find that I act like a baby with a poopy diaper sometimes¬†too. There are things that I’m carrying around that don’t need to be there, that are keeping me from ‘being clean’, maybe even hurting me. The best thing to have happen would be to stop running and let God deal with it. But maybe I’m too busy or just don’t want to slow down. Or maybe I’ve just become accustomed to it and the smell doesn’t really bother me.

This is when God, as a loving father, actively works to help get rid of things that are killing me. (Kill may be a strong sounding word, but I would argue that we need to think of ‘sin’ in the strongest terms possible or we won’t see it for the destructive force that it is) Because God is a good dad he doesn’t let us run around with things in our lives that aren’t good for us. The Bible says ‘He disciplines (corrects) those he loves’. As a dad of two little kids, I have to correct my kids when they are doing something to harm themselves or others. I would be a bad father if I let them hit other kids or eat cigarette butts they find on the ground.

I think at some point we just have to ask, ‘Do I want to walk around with a soul and spirit that is like a soggy diaper?’ And if we answer ‘No’ to that question then we have to ask the brave question, ‘What do I need to do to let God help me?’ I would offer up a few ideas…

1. Pray….ask God to show areas in your life that are working against you being the person He wants you to be.

2. Slow down…a lot of times we get so busy or so wrapped up in a busy routine that we don’t just slow down and evaluate our lives.

3. Ask somebody close to you to tell you the truth…this is a dangerous one. Being willing to listen to another person’s thoughts about your life can be¬†vulnerable, but they may also see something you don’t.

4. Ask somebody you can trust and who has a backbone to help you stick to your plan, it will get tough.

5. Don’t stop evaluating yourself…Often times dealing with one thing prepares us to deal with another. The point is allowing God to begin ‘a new creation’ in us. Not just a single upgrade on the old one. There are poopy diapers nearly every morning in my house…it’s just the way it is.

I take a lot of comfort knowing that God doesn’t quit on me. That even when I run, He doesn’t stop. He cares about each of us deeply, all of His creation for that matter, and his work in us will do nothing except for what is good.

I would also add, there is a cycle to all of this. When we have experienced God’s goodness, grace, and love over us, we get to share our hope with others. We get to help them become the new creation that God hopes for them to become as well. God also gives us eyes to see the things all around our world that he wants to bring new life to.

A big life change begins with one small choice. What am I going to choose today? To let God do what he has to do, or to run off with a poopy diaper?