Radical Living in a Comfortable World – Seth Barnes

Radical Living in a Comfortable World A Blog by Seth Barnes

I just found Seth Barnes’ blog and I have to say…it’s some great stuff. I like the straight-forwardness and the depth of what he writes about. He goes after some good internal development stuff…it’s worth a read.

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I believe that in the end love will win out.

One thought on “Radical Living in a Comfortable World – Seth Barnes”

  1. I have been a personal friend of Seth for many years. He is the real deal, putting everything into ministering to hurting people, both the poor and needy and young Christians who want to do the same. He and his staff are a great mentor to many. He also has a very challenging World Race where you travel the world for a year. He practices what he preaches. A good man who can be trusted.

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