After a Week

Some of you have noticed that I haven’t written in a while. Some of you have even written to ask me to write….well it was my mom and mother-in-law! So I finally have a free moment that is accompanied by the energy to write…

So we’re at home in Paris…well, it feels like home, but it’s not anymore. We sit at the same cafés, see the same friends, eat at the same restaurants, and walk the same streets, but this is not home anymore…regardless of whether or not it feels like it.  It’s really strange for such a strange place to feel so normal. It’s also weird to be here and feel this way, yet know that our decision to leave was what was best for us. (The stuff we’re dealing with in the meantime is getting to a place that no other time could)

We have really loved being back in Europe. There’s just something about it that we love. I wait with eager expectation to see how God is going to use us here in the future.

Many of you know that we’ve had to move a bunch of stuff while we’re here. That has pretty much consumed my time and my thoughts for the last 5 days. After we brought our stuff into the city, things became a lot more complicated than I thought it would be. Frank and Dawn (and the kids) have been so gracious for letting us pile our stuff in their living room…and work in there every day sorting it! The shippers will hopefully come get it tomorrow…if not, I don’t know what we’ll do. (pray that they come!)

I’ll write more as I have time…thanks for keeping up with us…if anyone other than my mom and mom-in-law are!