Back in Paris

Jen, Maisie, and I made it back to Paris yesterday! Our trip went really well with the exception of Maisie not wanting to sleep on the long flight. She ended up falling asleep on the short flight!

We were able to stay awake until about 8:30pm and then slept until 7:30am! At midnight Jen and I both woke up near wide awake, but we both were able to fall back asleep…thankfully.

It’s really good to be back. I didn’t really know how I was going to feel. I kind of expected to feel emotional or something, but instead it just felt so normal. I don’t know if normal is the right word…I guess it felt ordinary. A part of me felt like we had never left, but another part of me felt like my memories were dreams that I remembered really well.

Anyway…we’re back. Meeting up with friends. Making moving arrangements. Etc, etc…