Dancing to Rainbows

Here is a quick list of albums that I’m really enjoying these days.

Radiohead – In Rainbows

I am playing this right now and looked over at Maisie and she was dancing to the crazy beat on 15 Step.

Band of Horses – Cease to Begin

Love the tracks Is There a Ghost (always stuck in my head) and Detlef Schrempf…here the refrain of this song I love…“My eyes can’t look at you any other way.” I have no idea how this relates to Detlef, but I love the way it makes me think about the love I have for wife. (And I love crazy reverb they put on his voice)

The National – Boxer

I’m just in the beginings of discovering this album but I am already in love with the recording and the percussion…and the use of multiple instruments. Paste Magazine gave this the best album of 2007, so c’mon. Get it.

Daft Punk – Alive 2007

Ok, Ok…Daft Punk, but (1) I do love techno and I’m not afraid to admit it. (2) These guys put together some amazing beats and this live recording is proof that techno can have a soul. (3) They are from Paris and I never knew it…and this album was recorded at the show in Paris. I think my friend Taro was there. I was ignorant at the time and didn’t go. (4) They always, and I mean always, wear amazing robot costumes in public. Check this out if you want to learn more about the genius that is Daft Punk.

Tegan and Sara – The Con

I’ve been into girl vocalists lately. Good stuff and some really catchy melodies…that’s all I feel like writing about them right now…good sell huh?

There’s more, but I have to get in the shower…in case you wanted to know.